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Kim Cheshire: The Back Story 3

With his wife, actress Anna Hruby, Kim helped produce and stage Broken Tales, an innovative mix of drama and live rock music. Its Bondi season generated so much popular momentum it was restaged as Ha Ha Ha Performing Humans by the Belvoir Street Theatre for its premiere season in 1984.

Next, Kim turned his hand to management: Ha Ha Ha, the band, spun out of Belvoir Street and into the fast lane of 80s rock excess. Half a million dollars worth of LA production, videos, recording and publishing deals later, his patience with the hype and promise of the pop industry was running thin.

 Concept Mechanics — a partnership with Air Supply & Divinyls founder Jeremy Paul — was his last gamble as a manager. But when a band called Love Darts was turned down by CBS in favour of Noiseworks in 1986, the cloud soon yielded a silver lining.

"The guys came to me after and said 'We're sick of career music. We want to play for fun'," Kim recalls. "They said 'We want to play country music, we’ve heard your songs, we want you to sing with us'. That got me back on track, doing what I love: playing music. That band became The Danglin' Brothers."

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