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Press & Reviews

...It's all quality twang...it is fairly obvious Kim's musical tastes tend towards the rootsy

Review of Rocking Horse to Mars from the Herald-Sun:

The former lead singer for the Wheel has released his first solo outing. The musical road Kim Cheshire is on takes in soul, bluegrass and rockabilly, with a liberal dose of country. With Kevin Bennett co-writing many of the songs and other contributions from the Amazing Rhythm Aces' Russell Smith and the Greatful Dead's Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter, it is fairly obvious Kim's musical tastes tend towards the rootsy. Yet this is a manicured sound.

The title track is a nostalgic piece about the idealism of youth contrasted with the materialistic "real" world. It opens with the swing-tinged Back To My Old Ways Again and finishes with the soulful love-lost finale of You Were Gone. Production is by Cheshire, Bennett and Jeff McCormack; there is great playing by Mark Punch, Rod McCormack and Kim Warner.