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...a kind of Australian answer to Lyle Lovett  

Review of Rocking Horse to Mars from the Barfly:
Reviewer: Tony Hillier

The Sydney Laughing Outlaw/Didgeridoo Records alliance, which recently unleashed releases from a pack of derivative 60s’/70s’ sounding young US bands on to the domestic market, unloads birds of a very different feather here. The common denominators this time: Sydney-based; country-flavoured; male singer-songwriters.

Pick of the trio is unquestionably Kim Cheshire’s debut solo album, Rocking Horse To Mars, which stamps the former lead singer of Golden Guitar-winning band The Wheel as a kind of Australian answer to Lyle Lovett. Like the big LL, Cheshire is a highly accomplished singer with an impressively ornamental style and a songwriter who obviously delights in tongue-in-cheek lyrics. The opening verse of The Good Life smacks of Lovett: "I have known the good life of women, wine and wealth/Of limousines and luxury only thinking of my self/All my real emotions just got put up on the shelf/I used to want to be somebody/Now I want to be somebody else". Cheshire’s not afraid of showing his age either with references to the ‘60s and the dropping of names like Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Vee and Tommy Roe.