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Dead Man's Shoes

Dead Man's ShoesSome albums take a lifetime.

Sure, the credits list specific dates, studio locations, session players. But the words and music, if they're put together right, speak of every place, every moment, every song, every trial and triumph that came before.

DEAD MAN'S SHOES is that kind of album. It's the stunning culmination of one of the most extraordinary untold stories in Australian country music.

Kim Cheshire has been honing his craft as a singer-songwriter since the Beatles were just contenders for Cliff Richard's crown. From pre-punk London back to his hometown of Kings Lynn, Norfolk, maybe only a few nostalgics will recall his widely travelled country-rock band of the '70s, Nimbus.

But mention Sydney bar band The Danglin' Brothers to Paul Kelly, Keith Urban or Jimmy Barnes, or look up The Wheel in Tamworth's Golden Guitar register, and the backdrop to this remarkable album will start to loom into focus.