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Dead Man's Shoes

"I've been a band guy all my life," says Kim. "When we started doing this album, (producer) Glen Hannah said, 'Man, you've got to make an album that sounds like a solo album. It's time to draw the listener into your personality. Your lyrics, your voice, your story.'

"I knew what he was saying. It was time to put myself on the line."

Dead Man's ShoesFrom the mortal manifesto of the title track to the eternal yearning of One Of Life's Little Mysteries, DEAD MAN'S SHOES is an album of heartworn sentiments sculpted with the skill of a lifelong craftsman, and sung in the voice of a cherished old friend. These are songs of everyday tragedy and resilience, where the ache of The Great Divide is the inevitable flipside to the redemption of Only Love Knows The Way.

Whether as tenderly emotional as Crossing Over and Billy (once covered by Keith Urban), or as playfully philosophical as Hard Luck Story and Big Boy Now, each is a classic story ringing with beguiling melody, expertly handled acoustic instruments and the unmistakable truth of a life examined with wisdom and humour.   

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