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Lyrics: Wake Me Up (When the War is Over)

I saw a peace sign on a burned out building “Make Love Not War” “Don’t Trust the Government” “The Media’s a Whore” and another fifteen refugees just washed up on the shore. Wake me up when the war is over I can’t stand it anymore.

Well I work my job, I make my pay and I keep my family fed
I read my kids sweet bedtime stories and tuck them into bed
I love em, feed em, educate em and send them on their way
To a disappearing future in a world that’s gone astray.


Well I’ve watched this game of politics since I was just a kid
Now they’re tracking us like animals, where we’ve been and what we did
Now the odds are stacked against us when the truth becomes a lie
And the multi-national corporations suck this planet dry.


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