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Lyrics: Wake Me Up (When the War is Over)

(Additional lyrics by Kevin Bennett)

It’s true we’re living in troubled times, like it’s always been.
Advocate fear and hate, it’s a downright sin
Womanising, sermonising, demonising fools.
Tiny soundbite victories
In the war of ridicule.


I believe, as is apparent from the lyrical content of the song, that generally speaking the mainstream media has become journalistically complacent and subject to political and corporate interests.

There are many worthwhile and credible alternative web sites that are attempting to expand the discourse of these issues and I encourage you to seek them out, should you feel inclined. It is useful to remember that the Internet is also an unwieldy and precarious beast and should be treated with extreme caution; please be careful and good luck.

Here are just a few of my personal favourites:


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