Welcome to my new website!

It’s been a while I know and I wasn’t expecting in 2021 to be releasing a new bunch of songs and welcoming visitors to a new website…..I’ll attempt to explain!

My last album Dead Man’s Shoes came out in 2010, the one before that Rocking Horse to Mars came out in 2002 so it appears that every 8-10 years I feel the need to share my personal thoughts with the world. Truth is, these things seem to be completely out of my hands. A year ago I had no intention of extending my public profile, I figured I’d had more than my fifteen minutes and now it was someone else’s turn. I was thoroughly ensconced in my beautiful rural homestead in the Northern Rivers of NSW, spending my time tending our extensive gardens and our loveable livestock, communing with nature and reflecting on the fortunate and somewhat privileged creative life that I seem to have been blessed with.

When boarding the last flight out of England in March 2020, returning home after a visit to England to attend my mother’s funeral, I was trying to get my head around the idea of two weeks of quarantine (which was thankfully with my wife at my sister in law’s place in Sydney) and what I might do with my time in isolation. A friend kindly dropped off a guitar for me and sure enough with no outdoor work, no animals to tend to, no fences to fix, I was right back into doing that other thing I love so much; playing, singing and writing songs.

I really haven’t been writing much over the last ten years but after a lifetime making music, I always have a few unfinished songs rattling around in my head (some from years back, just percolating there) and I like to think the best ideas are the ones that eventually demand my attention. A song I’d started a few years ago with Kevin Bennett had recently resurfaced in my brain and not being at home with my computer I didn’t really have access to our lyrics, so I remembered what I could of the original and then wrote from there and finished it.

Now the reason I told you that story is because I actually think that this was probably the catalyst that set in motion what has become my new album, Looks Like Heaven. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it.