New Album OUT NOW

Looks Like Heaven

Produced & engineered by Rod McCormack

WINNER – 2023 Golden Guitar Award:


New Single OUT NOW

Looks Like Heaven

(Kim Cheshire)
Rod McCormack: Guitars, Banjo, Bass, Percussion, vocal harmonies
Templeton Thompson: High harmony
Andy Leftwich: Fiddle/Mandolin

Looks Like Heaven is the title track on Kim’s upcoming album, Looks Like Heaven.

Nominated for a 2022 Golden Guitar Award:

Bluegrass Recording of the Year


Latest video: ‘Like A Fool’

2023 Golden Guitar Award Winner


Kim Cheshire, THE VOICE of inner city cowpokes, The Danglin’ Bros, and the sound of the wide open road with Gold Guitar winning outfit The Wheel, is back!

After 10 years of self-imposed radio silence, Australian country legend Kim Cheshire is singing again, and when I say singing, I mean like a bird. Not only is this, his 3rd solo effort, the most beautiful sounding record he’s made and captures THAT VOICE most spectacularly (thanks Rod McCormack), it contains an engagingly eclectic (what else could we true fans expect?) set of contemporary country songs which showcase THAT VOICE in all it’s sublime glory!

It’s so great to have him back……

Kevin Bennett

The Flood

Looks Like Heaven is a triumphant and very welcome return of realness and clarity for country music. Lyrics you feel, melodies that hook you, and bluegrass-tinged instrumentation of fiddles, mandolins and banjo that take you back home.

Kim Cheshire has always been the real deal; this new work is beyond that. Exceptional – even for him. Killer songs, clean and concise production with warm, clear, better-than-ever vocals from one of our very best!

Travis Collins

I’ve always loved Kim Cheshire’s album Dead Man’s shoes, so I was excited to come across Kim’s brand new album Looks Like Heaven.

Kim’s vocals are sounding better than ever and the songwriting is superb. All originals except the final track written by Mickey Newbury.

My favourite two tracks are: Have Mercy and Stoneage Romeo.

This album, produced by Rod McCormack, confirms my belief that Rod is the best country producer in Australia.

The harmonies and fiddles by Nashville guest players, blends perfectly with Rod’s superb dobro and acoustic guitar, then Kym Warner adds the ‘icing’ on mandolin.

Whether he’s fronting the great band The Wheel, or performing solo, Kim Cheshire continues to be a true artist with integrity and an individual style that stands out in this day and age, where so many seem intent on sounding like everyone else.

I hope this new release gets the attention he deserves.

Bill Chambers

When I first heard Kim Cheshire sing I was in my 20s and walking through a club lounge in Tamworth, I was stopped in my tracks and had to find out who it was with this golden voice? It was Kim fronting the Danglin’ Bros outfit with a bunch of stellar musicians we all dreamed of being like! To this day – listening to this new album – that golden voice is still just as jaw dropping as ever and this well-produced record has been a welcome gift to my ears this last few days on high rotation.

Kim’s ability to touch your heart has always been his strength, new and real music can be thin on the ground these days, but every instrument that accompanies Kim on the way through these tracks is played with purpose and are a perfect blend of tone and soul to get the listener there.

Well done, brother.

Troy Cassar-Daley

‘Looks Like Heaven’…….it sounds like heaven to me listening to the overdue return of Kim Cheshire.

I’m genuinely excited that the Kim Cheshire musical conversation continues.

Every turn this beautiful album takes is a moment to enjoy and I’m along for the ride.

If you had to give someone one album to educate them on class and how it’s done from the Country Stable (which has wide barn doors theses days), then this is it.

Kim’s unique ability as a writer, singer, communicator and inspirational artist has gained him great respect over his career and that respect I’ve had since a teenager listening to his distinctive voice on the radio and then being mesmerized watching him at a gig. He made me want to join a band!

Kim’s intelligent lyrics, vocal personality and soulful delivery stirs many emotions in me.
I know my late husband Glen Hannah would be cheering you on too, having loved working on your last solo project. Maybe he was with you in the studio.

Great to have you back !!!

Felicity Urquhart

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