Hi website visitors, first timers, old fans and curious onlookers.

Well it’s been an exhausting few days (for an old fella) revisiting the 2023 Tamworth Country Music Festival and a first for me being both nominated as a solo artist and performing at the Golden Guitar Awards.

After a ten year gap since my previous solo album Dead Man’s Shoes and at least 25 years since winning a Golden Guitar with The Wheel, I have to say it felt exhilarating but also a little surreal to be back on that stage. Thankfully I was surrounded by good friends, my long time collaborator, multi-talented musician and producer mate Rod McCormack and the best bunch of musicians any singer songwriter could have wished for.

It was a big enough accolade to be nominated for the Alt Country Album of the year for Looks Like Heaven but such an incredible surprise to actually win the award that I don’t even remember hearing presenter Henry Wagons say my name, I just remember everyone around me getting really excited and my family urging me to get up on stage. I hugged my dear friend and producer Rod and we made our way to the podium, where we delivered our speeches, shared backstage hugs with our friends and peers and made our way back to our families a little dazed but nonetheless thrilled with our unexpected achievement. I have since been overwhelmed by long time and newly acquired fans, friends and an incredible assortment of enthusiastic well-wishers, which has been wonderful, actually it’s still sinking in……like I said in my speech, I truly feel blessed, thank you all for your support, I’ll get back to you when the dust has settled.

Peace and Love, Kim